Making Sense Out Of Change

Making Sense Out Of Change

    Hi, Hello, Honestly I am not even sure how to start my blog.  I always write but not for a bunch of people other than those of you that have read my posts on my facebook.  But I feel like a blog is where I should be.  Is this going to be perfect and super professionally written?  Probably not.  But, I will write with my heart. With that, Welcome. I am Maddijo. And my goodness, I am pumped to have you here.


It seems that everyone I know is in some season of change.  In various velocities, but change nonetheless.  For me personally this has been the biggest season of change I have ever withstood.  If you know me at all, which I hope to someday get to know all of you in some capacity, you will learn I am a big person by analogies. This phrase came to me about a month ago.  And usually if I do not write something down I lose it.  This has stuck with me.  I sat down and tried to force write this several times and got absolutely nowhere.  Obviously, that wasn’t what needed to be said.  So, here we are.  

    If we leave ourselves in this season in depravity and despair we will always be counting the change as a loss.  Instead of counting it as a lesson or something that adds value.  Absolutely everything that has happened to me in my life has not gone in vain.  It has been accounted for.  Just like in a ledger.  It has led me here.  This is what our life is about.  It is about  tracking and learning as you go.  Not holding, but liberating and gathering ourselves for what is next.  Continuing our climb.  

    Though at times it felt like you, me included, have been in a place in life where you were in a spot where you should have walked with your valuables held tighter to you but instead you kept them in your pocket.  That is me.  More so, I am carrier on my sleeve type of gal.  I like to share and be open and transparent.  And that is alot to people sometimes.  But I have learned that this has allowed God to help me open a lot more relationships that I truly would have never had.  This has been the wildest year of transformation for me. But it has been a beautiful, crazy, and unique one that I look back now and hold tight too. 

           The thought of change is packed full with an amplitude of emotions.  Invigorating excitement, loads of uncertainty, and truthfully lots of wonderment.  These all allowed me to dig in and find out where I stood. In many facets of my life I was always walking around living like I was in a real life game of laser tag. Waiting for the next cast of judgment, ridicule, self-doubt, and late nights of no sleep trying figure out how I could change to make it all better.  I honestly at this point can’t tell you exactly when it clicked. But one day it did and I just slowly added to it. I realized the only “value” I was placing on myself was the value of what I found in what everyone else thought. Not in what I thought I could be. Or what God says I am. For some people it doesn’t matter what you change, how you change or anything in between.  Once they have made a perception of you, whether that be true or not; it’s just human nature for them to always feel that way.  As much as it may hurt.  That’s not your value. 

           I’ve always heard people say, “she’s a dime.”  A dime? I mean I get it. A 10. But really a 10 cent piece out of a whole dollar bill? Girl you be that whole dollar. Whether anyone else believes it or not, cling to it.  Invest in you.  That’s what everyone says, invest and it adds value. Well you dear are no different. 

           I’m not specialist by any means of the word. But I have had a little experience in what it feels like to dig into the transformation that can be made when you begin to invest in yourself and start to  add value.  You understand that people are just going to be the way that people are. Love them anyways. That doesn’t mean you have to love them close or invite them over. But it does your value no good to worry about what’s going on over there anyways. Judgment and what may feel like lack of support may come. But where do you find your value at? Keep your accounts straight. 

    Imagine you break a $100 at the bank and you get five $20 bills.  Then you go to the store and you break those $20 bills into $5 because you need to use smaller bills later.  Does that make you have less money at that moment? No.  But you did make a change.  You may be thinking women, your analogies are awful.  Listen, I have been told worse. Haha My point is, we are constantly going to have changes in our lives that sure don’t make a whole lot of sense at the time.  But it definitely does not degrade to our set value at that moment.  And we have to remember that.  You are still worth that fresh, crisp $100 bill you originally had.  Which to the human eye always seems to mean a whole lot more than a bunch of measly $5 bills.  Hear me out though, what if those $5 bills were spent at different places and they remembered you everywhere you went and you left your mark.  Your value is still $100 but in reality you have multiplied it because you were able to share it because of these circumstances that you were able to encounter and hopefully learn from.  Every transaction was a way for you to spread light to others and maybe teach a life lesson, send a smile, save a life, build a friendship, make a new career.  It all adds up.  Unfortunately we can not see that until the end or at least until we have realized we have worth. 

    As I continue to release blogs on here I hope you will begin to sense the value that you hold.  What someone may consider to be worth 10 cents, somewhere else may be worth $10.  Know your worth. Stand fervently in it and don’t waiver from it.  God did not create you to be weak.  He created you with a voice and a brain with discernment.  So why are we so afraid to use them?  Rejection?  Judgment?  Retaliation?  I mean if you know me, I have always been one to speak my mind.  Or most of you think that anyways.  But that has not always been the case.  I have been pushed in a corner before, many times. Sometimes I came out quietly but other times I felt like there was no other choice but to stand up for myself.   

    You may be wondering what this has to do with this company.  Honestly, alot.  Here is why.  All of my past trials and lessons have led me to this point.  It has taught me about overcoming adversity, time management, the importance of family, why relationships matter, and how sometimes working hard is not going to be enough for that moment.  But you do it anyway.  Why, because you love what you do, the relationships you are building, and whose life you may have to change.  That’s what Reck’s Range Co. is built upon.  Relationships.  We want to be an open table.  We want to grow with the opportunity to be able to eventually help in a variety of ways.   

Much love.

Keep Checking your own boxes.

Love, Maddijo 

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